WHAT IS IT AND Why does it matter?

You may be wondering, “Does it matter if I use full synthetic oil? What are the benefits?” We get asked this a lot, and have some insight to help you make the best choice.

Engine oil plays a critical role in the health and performance of your engine and is arguably the most important thing to keep your engine running. But the type of oil you choose to put in your engine impacts things like:

diagram of conventional vs. synthetic oil - miles driven between oil changes

The amount of time or mileage between your oil changes

conventional vs. synthetic oil molecule distribution

How much friction exists between moving engine parts, which impacts long-term engine performance

temperature protection consistency of conventional vs. synthetic oil

How consistently your engine performs between temperature extremes, such as cold starts, regular running and extreme heat


So when you’re choosing an oil, conventional oils can do the job, but synthetic will do it better. 

It’s like a camera. Your great aunt’s point-and-shoot could get a family selfie (on a good day) but your smartphone will do it better.

Synthetic engine oils start with highly-refined, chemically-treated petroleum. Unlike conventional oils, synthetic lubricants go through many steps to eliminate impurities. This provides a more consistent groundwork for the final engine oil, directly affecting the oil’s performance. Then the additives (think of them as a recipe’s ingredients) can do the jobs they were meant to do.

You can find the following Full Synthetic Engine Oils in our line-up of Oil Change Kits:

SAE 0W-20

Our 0W-20 Full Synthetic, Fuel Conserving Engine Oil is designed for maximum fuel economy while protecting critical engine components from damage and wear. Shop Now
Factory Racing Oil 0W-20 quart bottle

SAE 5W-30

Our 5W-30 Full Synthetic, Truck/SUV Engine Oil is designed for maximum protection of your high-output engine. It is built to withstand the tough environment of start-stop engines.
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Factory Racing Oil 5W-30 quart bottle

SAE 10W-40

Our 10W-40 Powersports Engine Oil is engineered specifically for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It keeps the oil working longer, giving maximum engine protection and more time between oil changes.
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Factory Racing Oil 10W-40 quart bottle

SAE 10W-30

Our 10W-30 Semi-Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is designed for maximum protection of your diesel engine. Whether agricultural, industrial or on-highway use our synthetic blend is designed to prevent sludge-build up, last longer and protect your engine better.
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Factory Racing Oil 10W-30 quart bottle


Our team of chemists and engineers work side by side to bring you everything you want and your engine needs. They achieve this through a process of creating formulas, lab testing, refining the formulas and engine testing. And they don’t stop until they find the best fluid formula to:

Factory Racing Oil test bottles in front of computer
  • Cater to the application and exact engine type (not all engines are created equal – they each have their own needs)
  • Meet applicable industry specs/requirements (like API, JASO, etc.) that are standards for quality and performance (API, JASO, NMMA …)
  • Allow the oil to achieve its highest potential by reducing friction, eliminating overheating, protecting critical engine components, keeping sludge and deposits at bay, maximizing performance and extending the life of your equipment
  • Ensure it translates to a real engine through fired engine testing
  • Ultimately find the best balance of performance and price so that you aren’t paying for unnecessary add-ons, but are still getting an incredible product to protect your engine

Our unique combination of expertise, testing and innovation allows us to customize a solution to a specific application. This gives you the piece of mind that all the engine oils used in our oil change kits are tested – and proven to work.